Monday, 7 March 2011

Learning Styles

Learning Style
  1. What is your learning style? What sorts of learning experiences would suit you best with your learning style?
My learning style is active, sensing, visual and global. I would learn best from ‘hands on’ experiences. I would fully grasp the content, knowledge by undertaking certain activities and experiences to implement my understanding. I like things in order and I don’t like to be surprised. I want to be able to access information randomly and receive the big picture to get an idea of what concepts I will be learning in detail.
  1. In a traditional classroom of 25 students, how would you support the range of learning styles each lesson?
Combine visual and verbal learning styles to enhance learning. Use technology to cater for all learning styles. Peer students up who have similar learning styles. Allow for effective pedagogy in all areas of learning style.
  1. With your current knowledge of ICT, how could your design and digital pedagogy support your learners better?
Use interactive power-presentations which engage many discourses of learning styles, combined with online activities and a range of ICT. I believe ICT gives students the opportunity to develop their learning styles, for example the web can be accessed randomly or could be used in a sequential manner. Allow students to have a little independence and self-awareness within their learning styles. ICT’s are a great tool to engage and develop all learning styles.
  1. What sorts of profiling questions would you be asking about your learners to ensure you cater for everyone's preferences?
Do you like using visual aids? Ie diagrams, mind mapping
Do you learn best by listening to a podcast?
Is it exciting using technology as a tool for learning?
I would develop my profiling questions around the learning style tests and maybe get students to undertake this learning styles test.
  1. How does ICT support differences in learning styles?
ICT support differences in learning styles by being interactive, visual, verbal, by accessing information instantaneously and providing more diversity in the classroom rather than the old ‘chalk and talk’. There are so many facets of ICT which can help you plan for effective pedagogy and allow all students to get a fair chance at achieving set educational outcomes.

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